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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Two and a Half Years On

I can't believe my little monster will be two and a half at the end of this month. Two and half years since my identity, my priorities and my attitude to life completely changed. Only just over two and a half years since I last had a job. Well, a paid job anyway.

There is a reason I've suddenly gone all nostalgic. I have been offered a job interview. To be honest, I'm not all that confident that I'll get it and even if I do, I'm not sure the wage will be enough for me to accept it in any case. But if I do take this job, or any job for that matter, it'll put an end to what has been a wonderful time with my little girl. I know this has to happen and I am quite keen to start work again. Plus, I know my Little Monster  will love nursery. She's so independent that I'm almost in awe of her. She can have complete conversations. She has original ideas and an amazing sense of humour. She considers others and helps out where she can. She seems to have mastered the potty - it's been about a week since we had an accident. It turns out that the most common piece of advice I was given - "she'll get there in her own time" - was entirely true and now I shall probably pass it on to other parents going through the terror of potty training.

So now it's really time that I became a "productive member of society" again (there seems to be a large quantity of people who do not see raising children as productive...goodness only knows where they think the next generation of doctors, politicians and scientists will materialise from) and let someone professionally qualified take care of my Little Monster. I have found a lovely nursery to send her to. Freshly prepared meals, a lovely outdoor area, lots of creative activities and staff that seem to employ some common sense in their approach. The problem is that wonderful childcare facilities don't come cheap. So now I need to be earning a ridiculous sum of money to even be able to afford to return to work. I'm certainly not getting my hopes up!

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