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Monday, 9 April 2012

Post-Easter Post

This Easter was a bit boring really. There are a few obvious reasons for this. Firstly, we were silly enough to think that we could leave buying Easter eggs until Good Friday. Unfortunately they were almost entirely sold out. We ended up having a few Creme eggs and I have a chocolate bunny sitting in my fridge just waiting for me to munch it up. I'm not complaining about our lack of chocolate. It's more the lack of variety. I had been hoping to get my Little Monster a an egg that included a very sweet little breakfast set. I've walked past them so many times during grocery shopping and always thought "I'll buy it later". I must remember this mistake next year.

Secondly, our kitchen is tiny and has no window and very little ventilation. This makes it impossible to actually make a full roast dinner without steam and the smell of roasting meat filling the entire flat (this stops being appetising and becomes unpleasant very quickly). So instead, we had slices of turkey from the supermarket deli counter warmed up with gravy accompanied by mashed potatoes and cook from frozen vegetables. It was nice but not the same as a proper roast dinner. Thirdly, now that we live far away from family, it was just the three of us. Don't misunderstand me, the Other Half and the Little Monster are my favourite people but I see them every single day. It would have been nice to socialise with some other people on this special occasion.

I did manage to keep the Little Monster happy though. I finally mustered the courage to let her use glue. For this first attempt, I decided very simply sticking pre-cut shapes onto a pre-cut shape would be best. She thoroughly enjoyed it and this was the result: 

It's only foam shapes glued onto a piece of card that I cut into an egg shape (badly) with a pipe cleaner poked through the top but she loves it and that's what really matters. I tried to explain that we have eggs at Easter because baby birds come from eggs at around this time of year so it's a symbol of life. I realise that this only part of the explanation of Easter but I thought that the Christian Easter story would mean absolutely nothing to her. She has no concept of death yet and, while I don't believe in guarding children from such things, I think two years old is a bit early really. 

Now that Easter is over, its time I started up my diet again. When I tried before, for two weeks I counted calories and was very strict with myself with food and exercise. This worked and I lost a reasonable amount of weight so I decided that I could carry on without being so strict and counting calories. It quickly deteriorated after this point. This time, I'm going to stick with my strict regime until I have reached my target weight. I'm not planning to starve myself or anything. I will just eat the correct amount, rather than stuffing myself with pastries, chocolate, ice cream and all those other naughty treats I keep having, and exercise more. I only want to lose about two stone, which will put me in the middle of the ideal BMI range rather than over the overweight line. So wish me luck and I shall probably have updates in later posts. If anyone has any dieting tips, I'll gladly hear them!

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