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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lottery Dreams

Me and the Other Half regularly play a little game of planning how we'd spend lottery money, should we ever win. This generally involves looking through property sites to find beautiful, countryside mansions that in reality, we'll probably never be able to live in. Its just a bit of fun. Although, if a large sum of money ever does come our way, we'll be prepared!

The Other Half is completely in love with the idea of purchasing a luxury yacht and taking trips around the Mediterranean for months at a time. Of course, this entirely depends on me being able to cope with my sea sickness on such a journey. 

I have quite modest dreams of a nice house with a big kitchen, space for one or maybe two more children and a gigantic garden where I could grow things and keep chickens. I suppose this is actually quite realistic and may actually happen. That's the nice thing about a realistic dream; it might actually come true. I would like to believe that my novel will be successful and make all of this possible but I doubt it somewhat. My stories used to impress school friends but success with adults who expect a bit more than a slushy story of pure romance with some adolescent angst thrown in is a different thing entirely. One can always hope though.

Our other plan is that the Little Monster, and any potential siblings, would attend the best school possible. This, shockingly from my perspective,  is actually seen as quite a controversial idea. People who were given advantages in their upbringing are often frowned upon, particularly politicians. It is assumed that their lives must have been simple and easy and everything handed to them on a plate. I always think this odd and that I will provide every opportunity I can for my children. I would not say I am a pushy parent or that I expect the Little Monster to be some kind of child genius but why wouldn't I make life as good as I can for her?

I find myself wondering what life would really be like if we became millionaires overnight. Would I be able to keep my present circle of friends or would they shun me as a filthy rich snob? Would I still keep up with this blog? Would I still dance around to T Rex in the living room of my mansion with my Little Monster? Would I become lazy and unambitious? Would I still write?

Most of our problems at the moment are financial. They would completely disappear if we were lottery winners. I would have nothing to whinge about. So I suppose that answers the question of keeping up the blog...

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