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Friday, 10 August 2012

Sunshine and Smoothies

I was thrilled when the sunshine came back yesterday. As my terrible luck would have it, I had errands to run unfortunately so we didn't get much of a chance to enjoy it. We have a family day out planned for tomorrow but I really wanted to make the most of the sunshine and my matching sunny mood today.

After some consideration, me and my Little Monster headed off to the supermarket, bought loads of fruit then returned home, where we whizzed it up into lovely, summery, fruity smoothies.

This one is a mango smoothie. It was extremely simple to make: 

2 mangoes, peeled and chopped up
300 ml semi-skimmed milk
some ice

Put the mango and milk in the blender and blend until smooth. Put ice into glasses or into a jug then pour over the smoothie mixture. The recipe I read says to put into the fridge to chill but I found leaving it two minutes with the ice in was quite enough really. It makes enough for two adult portions or 4 child portions

Absolutely delicious. Later, I shall be making more for the Other Half - his favourite, banana and honey:

1 banana
300ml semi-skimmed milk
handful of ice 
1-2 tbsp honey 

Put everything in the blender. Its that simple! 

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