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Monday, 27 February 2012

A Whole Rainbow Variety of Stress

I'll try to start this post on a positive note. We've just enjoyed a nice visit from my brother-in-law. This had an added bonus in the form of a new PC he brought with him as mine sadly passed away a while ago. This gift came with a massive sense of relief as I have an essay due on Friday, which is currently about half complete, and the Other Half has taken away the laptop for the whole week, thus leaving me with no way completing said assignment. So, as soon as brother-in-law had kindly set up the PC for me (I have no technical computer skills whatsoever) and left to go home, I have downloaded a free word processing programme from the internet. "Brilliant", thought I. "Once the Little Monster has gone to bed, I can start typing away and have 1500 words ready to send off in no time". Alas, no.

I had cleverly saved the essay so far as a draft on my email account so that I can get it onto any other computer I need to use. Not quite so cleverly, I have saved it as a file type that will not open on my freshly downloaded word processor. At present, I have only one option. I must do the whole thing again. This is rather frustrating, particularly as I had managed to get about 750 words done already. So I shall be spending probably every evening this week frantically typing away to get this done and sent for Friday.

In addition, the Little Monster is starting to get the idea that the Other Half is at work and will be going there on a regular basis. Of course, she isn't outright saying that she misses Daddy. She's subtly showing her feelings through refusal to do anything she's asked. Although, it must be said, she is sitting rather quietly arranging her raisins into various patterns on her plate. Or I've assumed they're supposed to be patterns. Whatever she's doing, its calm and rather cute. Its nearly time to start making our dinner, which I think will be pasta. Lets hope it doesn't take another tantrum and 20 minutes of calming down time for her to eat it, as it did with her cheese sandwiches at lunchtime.

On top of these problems, I'm behind on my laundry, the house is a mess, I still have in-laws coming this week and I have no activities planned. And the raisins have moved to the new toy washing machine....oh dear.

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