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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Just a normal day

It's been a few days since I last posted. This is because I've been having a fairly ordinary week. But I realised that maybe my ordinary life might not be so ordinary to everyone else. So here's what has been happening recently:

My daughter woke me up at her normal time of 8am. As always, I wished I could stay in bed just a little longer but got up anyway to make us breakfast. My husband stayed in bed. I don't resent his lie ins. If anything, when he stays in bed, it gives me one less breakfast to prepare. My little monster watched cbeebies while we ate our porridge and then while I cleared up and prepared to leave the house to go food shopping. She sat in her pushchair while I walked to our local supermarket and made my way through the mad chaos of Saturday shoppers. It was only later today that I was glad to have gone so early. According to a friend, panic buying made the place almost impossible to navigate as we have had snow forecast for tomorrow. We had a little today but it soon melted. Apparently we will awake tomorrow to lovely deep snow, enough to take my daughter stomping about in. I'll end talking about snow here, as it has already been the subject of an entire previous post.

I made the mistake of giving my little girl cous cous in a pitta bread for lunch. She flicked it everywhere and I think ate very little of it. My other half, for some reason, said that cous cous is a pretentious dish to feed a toddler. I have no clue where this idea has come from and, despite his attempts to explain, I'm still none the wiser. In any case, I'll stick to filling pittas with egg and tomato as that seems to create substantially less mess.

Lunchtime was followed with an afternoon of television, reading books (well, actually one book several times as my daughter is currently a fan of repetition), dancing around the living room and playing with a toy theatre that I gave her for Christmas. We've had a day with absolutely no potty successes but I'm doing my best to only gently suggest it during nappy changes and allow her to completely ignore her if she wishes.

Dinner was lamb grills with mashed potato and vegetables. Tasty, filling and quite a favourite in our house. After  a quick sit down to build up some energy, it was time to start the bedtime routine, beginning with bathtime. Although the basic objective of getting my daughter clean was accomplished, it was not a very happy bathtime. I had run out of her bubble bath so that caused some mild grumpiness from the outset. I've been advised many times that baths help a child to relax. If this is achieved through wearing the child out, I can agree with that. My daughter rarely sits in the bath but instead splashes and kicks water all over me, the walls and the floor, which is, of course, immensely hilarious for her. Washing her hair is only an interruption to this so it's met with yet more grumpiness, getting closer and closer to a tantrum. I let her have some splashing time before saying the dreaded words: "It's time to get out now". At this sentence, she lays down and kicks water everywhere as furiously as she can. I struggle to pick her up as she wriggles and screeches. She finally calms down when I get her wrapped up in a towel and brush her teeth. Drying and dressing into pyjamas is followed by a cuddle on the sofa and reading another book or two. Or three or four. This evening, she was surprisingly well behaved on being told that it was time to go to bed. She collected her Kitty Cat and Woof, the two toys she now sleeps with every night, and wandered off to her bedroom, me closely following behind. I tucked her in and gave Kitty Cat, Woof and lastly my little girl her big hug and kiss goodnight. A lovely moment, I'm sure anyone would agree. I left the room and began on the washing up. A few minutes passed before I hear the scampering of little feet on the hallway tiles. Several times, I escort her back to bed before she finally settles.

Now I sit here, typing and watching New Moon, of the Twilight Saga and feeling pretty relaxed. The little one's in bed, the chores are done and I've finally warmed back up after a quick shower. I'll go to bed soon. And in the morning, it'll start all over again...

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