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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Trying to Find the Words...

Being a part time student can sometimes be tricky when you've also got a two year old who craves constant attention except at times when she wants some privacy to make mischief. I can occasionally read a few pages of material if she's sitting quietly with a book/biscuit/toy/expensive electronic device that she shouldn't really be touching. But all of my essays are written late in the evening after the bedtime routine is over and the washing up and other chores have been done. 

At present, I have an essay about Catholic tradition in England to complete by Friday. I've written 900 words out of 1200, which sounds pretty good. The problem is that I've actually nothing left to write. I've written about everything in my essay plan. I have no new point to make. I feel I've answered the question pretty fully. So at this point, I have to start "padding", meaning sticking words in wherever I can, lengthening perfectly good sentences just to reach the right word count. I always find this very frustrating, especially when I'm quite pleased with the essay as it is. I don't want to change it  but I have to. Surely, as my other half pointed out when I was having a lovely big rant on the subject last night, I should be congratulated for making my argument succinctly? Apparently, the Open University disagrees. I can be 5% off the word count so I need another 240 words at the very least. That'll make for a fabulous waste of my evening later. 

Anyway, rant over on that subject. I have seriously failed on my diet. Its really my husband's fault but I can't bring myself to feel badly towards him for it. A few nights ago, he offered to buy me ice cream. I did choose frozen yoghurt rather than ice cream but still, I finished the whole tub within three evenings. Not very good. Then I woke up this morning to find that my dear other half was entirely missing from our flat. I texted him and the reply quickly came to say that he was bringing in breakfast. I knew exactly what that breakfast would be without him saying anything more. One egg and sausage McMuffin meal later, I'm feeling a bit guilty. Luckily, me and the little monster have very healthy filled wholegrain pitta breads for lunch. In fact, I shall end this post now and make lunch as just remembering that frozen yoghurt is making me hungry...

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