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Monday, 30 January 2012

Let it snow! ...or not

News that snow is on the way often brings out some very strong opinions. For some, it means a day of snowball fights and building snow men. For others, it means a day of disrupted journeys with delayed trains or traffic jams.

Last year, I was initially excited, especially when I saw the look of amazement on my daughter's face. But soon it became clear that she was too young to go stomping about in that weather. This year, she is definitely old enough to go outside in her wellies and enjoy it. This idea fills me with excitement. But the idea of attempting to get the pushchair over icy pavements and through mounds of snow fills me with dread. Last year some very lovely neighbours decided it would be a great idea to shovel all the snow off their driveway and the pavement but leave it in tall ridges across the pavement, creating an almost impossible to traverse obstacle for pushchairs and wheelchairs. This only became worse when the snow froze, leaving mountains of ice. Luckily, we have now moved far away to a place where, in general, people show some consideration for each other. 

So the part of me that is basically a big kid, the part that dances around the living room with my little girl and sings children's songs out loud in public is delighted that snow could be on the way. I'll buy a little sledge for my little monster and probably spend hours outdoors, having a lovely time. But the other part of me, the sensible part who budgets and plans meals is panicking that if it snows, we won't be able to go and buy food and nappies, which I'm already running out of today. 

I'm curious, do others fear snow or yearn for it? Is it an inconvenience or a joy? 

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