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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Jelly Belly

Hello readers. This morning my legs and hips are aching. This is because last night I went to my first Zumba session. Thus far in my desperate attempt to get back to my pre-baby dress size, I have merely consumed less calories and done some exercise in my living room when my daughter is in bed and my husband is out. My husband has been curious as to why I will not exercise in front of him but I am happy to exercise in a group. If I am by myself, attempting to perform sit ups and stretches and some basic aerobics, I do not want an audience. If I am in a group of people all attempting to perform the same actions, I don't feel nearly as ridiculous. Even if they are, I don't feel as though anyone is watching me. All eyes are on our instructor who had a dancer's physique and could move her feet at speeds that I simply could not achieve. There is also the knowledge that the person beside me, a good friend who recommended the class and kindly gave me a lift there and back, is also trying to lose weight. I think it's safe to assume that a few of our classmates were also trying to lose some weight. No, I'm not making a nasty comment about their appearance. It would be a bit hypocritical to insult the appearances of other women when I'm unhappy with my own. I got the impression that a lot of the ladies there weren't very comfortable in the situation. I noticed people, including myself, pulling on the hems of their tops to ensure their bellies were still covered. I noticed shy smiles and nervous giggling before the class started. I noticed that almost everyone there had at least some difficulty completing the moves that the instructor performed with some ease and grace. Of course there were a couple of sporty looking types who had clearly been going to these classes for sometime. Or at least, that's what I'll believe to keep my typical female resentment and jealousy at bay.
I arrived home exhausted and already starting to ache. My husband was still trying to settle our daughter but after a few escapes into the bedroom, she finally fell asleep in her bed. I then entirely ruined all my evening's work. We ordered a curry. Korma with rice, sheek kebab with a creamy minty dip and peshwari naan. Oh dear. I really must try harder.

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