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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Greetings and Welcome

Hello Readers, welcome to my blog. I plan to share with you my experiences of being a stay at home, a wife and a student. I have started this blog because, quite simply, I love to write. My dream career is to become a professional writer and if that's ever to happen, I probably get as much practice as possible. A secondary reason would be that I hope to amuse and inform other students, stay at home mothers and wives (and indeed fathers and husbands). Or I least hope that I don't cause anyone to feel that they have wasted precious moments by reading my ramblings. Yes, that is something I should warn you of at this point: I am a rambler. I regularly veer off subject and natter away about something completely unrelated until everyone involved has entirely forgotten what the subject was to begin with. As if to prove this point, I have now started rambling about rambling. Oh dear.

A bit of background, perhaps. I married my best friend in 2009. Later that year, our daughter was born. Roughly a year later, I started my Open University Degree. This decision took a lot of thought before I finally registered. It was a daunting prospect; I was already looking after a very energetic and, especially at the time, clingy little one year old full time. Could I really cope with studying at university level aswell? Now on my second module, I seem to be managing fairly well. My study hours are limited to when my daughter sleeps. This was simple whilst she still napped during the day but now that naps only happen after long journeys in the pushchair, all of my studying really has to be done after her bedtime. Of course, some evenings I'd much rather be lounging on the sofa, television remote in one hand, spoon in the other and a tub of ice cream on my lap. But luckily the courses seem to be structured to allow for this kind of indulgence. For this reason, and for the great sense of accomplishment gained, a highly recommend Open University learning to anyone who wishes to further their education but already has many demands on their time, be it small children hanging on your legs (my daughter likes to do this) or a full time job. 

As for being a stay at home mum, I mostly like it. There are times that I long for the adult conversation that comes with employment but the internet is very useful for days when we're stuck indoors and I'm very concerned that the song stuck in my head is the theme tune to 'In the Night Garden'. My little monster is two years old and so very clever and over dramatic (both traits she has gained from her father). I am constantly amazed at how quickly she learns new things. 

I shall leave my first post here and look forward to many posts to come. Thank you for reading. 

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