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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday Morning

I'm surprised to find that despite barely knowing the days of the week, my daughter seems to completely understand Sunday mornings. I am generally woken at around 7am by the sound of "Mummy!" being shouted from across the hall. Obviously, for the past few months, this happened before sunrise. So when I woke naturally to find sunlight coming through my bedroom window, it was a very pleasant surprise. I lazed in bed for a while before getting up and felt very relaxed rather than cranky and a bit resentful of being removed from a warm bed and duvet. My daughter soon woke up and just wandered into the living room. It was only at this point that I looked at my mobile phone and realised that it was already after 9am. 

Its now after midday and, unusually for me, I'm still in my pyjamas and not even thinking about lunch yet. Normally I would be dressed within an hour of waking up and have lunch on the table at midday if not long after. But when I went to get dressed this morning, I found myself asking why. I'll be popping to the shops this afternoon but what harm can it do if I spend a few extra leisurely hours in my pyjamas? My answer to myself was none at all. So here I sit, happily relaxed with my daughter quite happily sitting quietly with a book. I'll start lunch soon but there's no hurry. We do need a few things from the supermarket but they'll be open for hours yet. I couldn't do this everyday but just for once, it's quite nice. My other half has actually gone back to bed but he has a very rare hangover as an old friend came to visit and they had far more to drink than he's used to these days. Poor thing. 

I will end my post with another piece of advice. If at all possible, spend a morning every now and again in this fashion. Stay in your pyjamas a little longer. Put off cooking and housework for a little while and just relax. I'm not suggesting a whole day spent without dressing or moving from the sofa. But I think we could all do with a little change from the normal rushed schedule of the day. 

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