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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Another rant against my fellow women

I know we're supposed to be all sisterly and never say a word against a fellow lady. But some women drive me insane with some of the things they do. So here's a list of ridiculous things that other women do. As a disclaimer, I am NOT saying that all women do these things. In fact, most of the women I know do not do these things. Its only the minority but they're making the rest of us look bad. 

1. Wearing extremely skimpy clothing then shrieking "Pervert!" at every man who glances in their direction. Firstly, men are not necessarily horrible creeps if they have a cheeky glance. Obviously, if they're openly staring then that's a different matter. Secondly, if you don't want people looking at it, cover it up! The last time I saw this happen, the girl in question was in public wearing a bra and an unbuttoned waistcoat. Clearly a very classy young lady. 

2. Vehemently claiming that they should be treated entirely equally to men in every way but then complaining when a man doesn't give up a seat on the bus for them/pull out a chair for them/hold a door open for them because they want to be treated like a "lady". You can't actually have it both ways. (Of course, exceptions should be made for pregnant ladies) 

3. Similar to No. 2 really. Women who love to spout on about feminism and doing it all for themselves then the second they need their car fixed or they need help with carrying something, they put on the "helpless little lady" act. I have actually known women who will purposefully burst into tears to dodge anything from bank charges to speeding tickets. All you are doing is reinforcing a negative stereotype and making yourself look really pathetic. 

4. The idea that its more important to spend time with one's friends than one's partner. I have chosen to spend my life with my Other Half. So surely its safe to assume that I quite like spending time with him. Plus, time alone with him could very well equal sex or at least a lovely cuddle on the sofa. Time alone with this type of "friend" will probably equal bitter whinging about how crap men are. Not a difficult choice to make really, is it? 

5. Punishing men by withholding sex. This is just stupid. Surely you are also punishing yourself since you won't get any sex either. Why do some women not wish to admit that they actually enjoy sex? It's really annoying for all concerned. 

6. The absolute worst thing I have ever heard of a woman doing. And yes, I have actually encountered women who do this. Trapping a man in a relationship by getting pregnant without consulting him. Then laughing with their friends about how much of a fool he is. This will not lead to a happy relationship, mark my words. 

The things on my list do nothing but create a negative stereotype. I've heard many a man comment on how manipulative women can be. True, they probably shouldn't make such a sweeping generalisation but you can see where they got the idea from. Also true that men do things wrong. If your partner forgets your birthday or to tell you how pretty you look in your new dress, actually tell him this. Secretly resenting him and coming up with bizarre little punishments will never ever solve any problem. It will only make him think that you've completely lost the plot. 

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