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Saturday, 28 July 2012

London 2012 has officially begun!

It has been a long time coming but the Olympics are finally here. I'm not actually a big sports enthusiast but I can see the importance of this event; so many countries coming together to compete and celebrate their sporting achievements. Its a beautiful idea. 

The opening ceremony was much talked about and I was looking forward to watching. It certainly did not disappoint. The ideas were creative and astoundingly well executed. A rendition of Jerusalem never fails to get me feeling patriotic and seeing choirs of children around the country singing their own national songs was good too; I felt it gave a sense of inclusion. Watching the set of rural British countryside become industrialised was incredible; fantastic set pieces and use of the space. The medley of British music across the decades, accompanied by some brilliant dancing was fun to watch and I liked the little love story woven in. Little moments of humour were added with the arrival of the Queen and James Bond jumping out of a helicopter and Rowan Atkinson giving a Bean-esque performance during Chariots of Fire. Overall, I think it really represented Britain very well. Our achievements, our music, our history and our culture. Well done Danny Boyle! 

The parade of athletes was interesting to see. Countries that usually are in the news due to conflicts and friction with others were represented by smiling athletes, come to compete and represent their home country. Children carrying copper leaves accompanied them. No explanation for this was given but I suspected it must have something to do with lighting the Olympic flame, given that they seemed to be dressed as ancient Greeks. The idea for the Olympic cauldron was extraordinary when it eventually came together. Flaming copper petals coming together to form a gigantic flame in the centre of the stadium. Utterly beautiful and a brilliant symbol of the games themselves. 

I must admit, towards the end I did start to doze off and I believe I may have missed a few bits. Fortunately, we have it recorded and I'll be watching it later today with the Other Half, who was at a work function last night. I did catch the glorious firework display and performance by Sir Paul McCartney. Hey Jude was the perfect song to end the ceremony. People of all languages can join in with the "Na na na"s at the end, ultimately uniting everyone in the stadium, along with all of us singing along at home too. 

It was a truly amazing show. A big congratulations to everyone involved, from the organisers to the volunteers and performers. You were all amazing! 

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