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Saturday, 14 July 2012

A Few of my Favourite Things

When I'm having a bad day or just feeling a bit down, there are a few things that will usually cheer me up. 

1. If I'm woken up early or I really don't feel like getting out of bed, a breakfast of dippy egg and toast really cheers me up. It has been my favourite breakfast since I can remember. 

2. Watching some mindless television. Some examples are Friends, Frasier and Everybody Loves Raymond. Simple comedy, yes, but they always make me laugh. 

3. If mindless television fails, a feel-good film will do the trick. The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates, You've Got Mail, Notting Hill, The Holiday...oh the list could go on. Basically anything funny yet tear-jerking with a happy ending. 

4. A nice big tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. As a direct result of Blockbusters having a 2 for 1 deal on  this product, I ballooned to just over 12st at the age of fourteen. These days, I try to limit myself to a third of a tub at a time. This doesn't always work. 

5. Picnics. Of course, this does rely on the weather. Despite the near constant rain recently, I did manage to take the Little Monster for a picnic in the park last week. It was lovely. 

6. Some good music to sing along to. If we're having a boring day, I pop on some lively music and dance around the living room with my Little Monster. I do close the blinds these days, after I caught the lady across the street staring at us...

7. Baking, especially if the result is something warm and comforting, like a banana loaf. 

8. Craft activities. Whether its painting, scrap-booking or sewing, there's something very relaxing about craft. Plus it has the added bonus of a sense of accomplishment at the end. Or a good laugh at how ridiculous the finished result looks. 

9. When my Little Monster runs up and says "I love you" for no reason at all. Always makes me grin. 

10. A cuddle from the Other Half. If I've had a hard day, cuddling up on the sofa under a blanket always makes it better. 

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