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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Choosing an Open University course

I have received an email telling me that I am officially registered to start the OU course Creative Writing (A215) in September. I am very excited about this and I'm trying to prepare as much as possible. At the same time, now that I'm all set to start another module, I'm thinking about what I'll study after that. 

Open University courses come in three levels; 1, 2 & 3. My plan is to take two courses of each level, which will give me a Degree with Honours and a few other qualifications along the way. So far, I have completed two level 1 courses and I am taking my first level 2 course next. I have already planned that after Creative Writing (A215), I'll be taking Advanced Creative Writing (A363), which is a level 3 course. I still need to decide on another level 2 course and another level 3 course. 

I had originally been planning to take a course in child development at level 2 and a course in children's literature at level 3 but I've changed my mind on these now. I want to take more courses suited to my goal of writing fiction. With this in mind, I am now considering taking Reading and Studying Literature (A230) and then 20th Century Literature: Texts and Debates (A300). 

I am starting to regret my first course, which was K101 (An Introduction to Health and Social Care). I took this with the idea that I wanted to work with children. As time has gone by, I've entirely changed my mind on this idea. I've realised that I only wanted to work with children because I'm  good with children, not because working with children is really an ambition of mine. I decided that I might as well go for my actual ambition, becoming a writer.

I believe that life is just too short to go for an easy option or not bothering with a dream because it seems unattainable. Yes it may be unlikely to happen but, as long you aren't sacrificing too much, why not try? It isn't as if I'm going to refuse any job other than a writing job. I know that bills need to be paid and I won't have my daughter going without because of my ambitions. That would be unfair. I am being practical and realistic about this. I don't imagine that I'm going to write a best seller and earn millions (as nice as that would be!) but having something I've written published would be fantastic. 

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