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Friday, 25 May 2012

My Little Monster's Favourite Words and Phrases

A while ago, I made a post entitled "What is it?", which was all about the Little Monster's new found curiosity in everything around her and the subsequent constant questions I was asked about every little thing she saw.

We've now moved on from "What is it?" to "Where did it come from?" She wants to know the origins of everything she sees. Its brilliant because she now knows where most of our food comes from, that wooden objects and paper are made from trees and that people are grown in their mummy's belly (I decided it was a little soon for her to learn how a baby comes to be in mummy's tummy!).

Another favourite word is "actually". She's become much more self confident and if I'm wrong about something, she'll correct me in a haughty tone. For example, if I say I think she looks tired and perhaps needs a little nap, she'll reply "I'm not tired at all, actually".

Nothing is "wanted" anymore. Everything is "needed". "I need a biscuit", "I need a hug", "I need a new magazine". A negative response leads to constant repetition of "But I need it Mummy, I need it". It seems that she has discovered that I will always do my best to give her anything that she needs but I won't necessarily give her everything that she wants. But she hasn't yet realised that I mostly know what she needs and that doesn't include new toys or chocolate or watching the DVD we only finished watching an hour ago.

Anything we do must be preceded with a countdown or a "Ready, Steady, Go!" This extends to leaving the house for any reason, going to the toilet and beginning a meal. This was a funny little habit that was evidence of her expanding imagination until yesterday when she decided crossing the road required a countdown. Every time the road was clear to cross over, she started counting. By the time she finished counting, a car was on its way towards us. This ended with a tantrum when I decided to pick her up and carry her across before she'd had a chance to start a fifth countdown. But after I explained why she couldn't keep doing this, she seems to have stopped doing it.

I love all her funny little mannerisms. I love that she plays little pretend games now and treats everything as an adventure. It makes everyday life that little bit more exciting!

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