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Monday, 7 May 2012

Just an update...

We've now been at our new flat and in our new neighbourhood for a little bit more than six months. Me and the Little Monster have made some lovely friends and generally had a brilliant time living here. I'm a lot happier and more positive than I once was. 

The Little Monster seems to be close to mastering potty training. She can now wear her "Special Big Girl Pants" to go out and even uses a toilet rather than potty sometimes. Now we just need to tackle night time dryness and it will finally be over! 

We've almost entirely stopped using the pushchair. The Little Monster walks everywhere now and loves it! 

I have been using flashcards to teach the Little Monster her letters and its coming along really well. I would estimate that she knows about half of the letters and for quite a few she knows a word that begins with the letter. 

I let the Little Monster help me with some baking for the first time last week and we made some rather pretty and very delicious cupcakes. She really enjoyed sprinkling mini marshmallows and little chocolate stars on top and, of course, licking the icing spoon! 

She's changing so much all the time. Always saying new words, always making up little songs, always wanting to try something new. I'm so proud of her. 

As for me, my latest Open University assignment came back with some nice comments from my tutor and a reasonable score; not my best but also not my worst and definitely an accomplishment, albeit a small one! I am slightly disappointed with myself that I did not finish my End-of-Module assessment as I had planned to last week. I am thoroughly determined to have it submitted by Friday, a task made much easier by the Other Half being very busy this week. Typing out an essay is always put off when a cuddle on the sofa is the alternative!

Speaking of the Other Half, it was our third wedding anniversary last week. Its been three busy and exciting years. On a slightly less positive note, this acts as a reminder that our last holiday was three years ago!

I have abandoned the idea of a structured diet in favour of simply making the effort to eat healthier foods. I've also been exercising for 30-60 minutes per day and I really feel like its giving me more energy. 

So everything is, for the most part, going well. It's exciting to think that this time next year, everything will have changed even more. The Little Monster will be three and hopefully in nursery. I'll be nearly halfway through my Open University degree and hopefully back at work. Its going to be a good twelve months!

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