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Monday, 21 May 2012

Project Dolls House

Sometime ago, the Little Monster was given a dolls house from her uncle. Due to moving house and other such interferences, it was quite a while before she could play with it. I was rather pleased that it was a plain wooden one as I loved the idea of decorating it. Again due to various interferences, I've done very little to it. However, yesterday the Little Monster somehow got hold of a red crayon and attempted to colour it in. I've managed to rub it off the furniture and some of the walls but not entirely. This has motivated me and I am now determined to get it properly decorated and looking beautiful.

I've spent some time this morning coming with interior design ideas and doing some internet research to find the best places to source materials. IKEA have a lovely range of fairly cheap material I can use for cushions and bedsheets. I'm still toying with the idea of making curtains; I think it'll be a final task, if I do it at all. On Amazon, there are many brands of tester paint samples. This means good quality paint but in small, affordable amounts. I'm going to use patterned paper for some wallpapering.

In the women's group I attend, we once made little mosaic coasters from craft kits. I'm now thinking that I could find some of these kits and use them to tile the Doll house bathroom floor. The hope is that it would be unique, as it would be my own design, yet also realistic looking.

The only item that I can't find a more affordable alternative for is the carpet. Dolls house carpet seems a bit expensive, given that it is only for a child's plaything. I thought about samples of real carpet but it would be too thick really. I might also buy proper dolls house exterior paper for the roof. Again, expensive but it'll look far better than anything I can paint on.

I'm very happy to have a creative project to work on. While I'm filling my notebook with observations and writing ideas, this will give me something else to work on until my next Open University course starts.

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